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There is some information to help you prepare for the tests

12 hours

Lipid Profile

12 hours fasting (10-14 hrs.) is a must before taking this test.

8 hours

Fasting Blood Sugar

8 hours fasting (6-10 hours) is a must before taking the test.

10 days


Should be taken 10 days after rectal examination, catheterization or cystoscopy.

2 - 7 days

Semen Analysis

Abstinence from sexual activity for at least 2-7 days, sample needs to be collected inside the laboratory.

48 hours

Urine Culture

Proper washing of hand and genitalia with soap & water. Discharge first few drops of urine and collect the midstream in the sterile container. Stop antibiotic administration 48 hours before testing. In case of home-samples the sample should reach the lab within maximum 2 hours. (the first morning sample is preferable).

24 hours

Urine Collection for 24 hours

Empty your bladder, register the starting time and collect every drop of urine till the next day at the same time in a clean lab container. Keep the collection in the fridge until it is sent to the laboratory.

2 hours

2 hours Post Prandial

The fasting time is calculated from the start of the meal & after taking the anti-diabetic therapy, the meal time should not exceed 10 mins.

0 -


Samples should be taken in the same period during follow-ups.

48 hours

Stool Culture

Samples should be delivered to the laboratory within 2 hours after collection only in the sterile container provided by the laboratory. Make sure to stop using antibiotics 48 hours before testing.

3 - 4 weeks


Testing should not be done during hematologic crisis or within 3-4 weeks after blood transfusion.

6 - 8 hours

Iron test

6-8 hours of fasting is preferred.

4 hours

Urea Breath Test

Stop antibiotics and anti-acidity drugs for 1 week. Fasting for a minimum of 4 hours is also required.

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