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We at Al Borg Diagnostics are pleased to receive your suggestions and participation for all ideas that can be transformed into programs or projects that strengthen us with you.
To serve a home visit, you can choose the package and home visit service through the website or contact us 920004422
You can reserve the packages through the website, and there is a priority for reservation customers
You can get the location of the nearest branch through the WhatsApp 0503049944
You can receive it via a text message after the results appear, receive it from one of our branches, by e-mail, or you can receive it via the WhatsApp 0503049944
According to the working hours of the branches – some tests have a specific time to deliver samples “such as semen”. For more details, please contact: 920004422
Possible – by visiting our website, book the offer, and enter the person data that gifted to him – after which the customer contacts customer service to confirm
There is no specialist doctor – but there is a specialist or laboratory doctor to inquire before or after conducting the tests – or by contacting the unified number 920004422
There is no physician in the laboratory to dispense medications. You must refer to specific physician
Fasting is required for some tests
Determined by the attending physician
There is a discount for some universities – and the discount is used in the same city as the university, if there is a discount
There is a discount for some sectors of the country – please provide us with the affiliate