Have you taken a cumulative sugar test, and wonder if your result is within the normal range? Would you like to understand the readings of this scan? Continue reading the article to learn everything that matters to you about the normal cumulative sugar level.


Normal cumulative sugar level: what is it?

Before clarifying the normal cumulative sugar level, it is necessary to clarify what is meant by the cumulative sugar test, known as the “A1c” or “Hemoglobin A1c – HbA1c” glycated hemoglobin test.

It is a blood test that determines the average levels of sugar in the blood during the past three months, and thus helps in the following: (1) (2)
● Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.
● Detection of prediabetes.
● Gain an idea of the success of a type 2 diabetes treatment plan by determining the level of ability to control blood sugar levels.

Now, returning to the question, “What is the normal cumulative sugar level?”, We will explain the answer to you with the following points:

● Normal cumulative sugar level in people without diabetes
The normal level of cumulative sugar for people without diabetes ranges between 4 – 5.6%, while cumulative sugar levels that range between 5.7 – 6.4% indicate that the person has prediabetes and has a high chance of developing diabetes, and levels of 6.5% and more indicate diabetes. .(3)

Summary of cumulative glucose readings
Here is an explanation of the cumulative sugar levels in the following table, and what they indicate:(4)
Category Cumulative Glucose Level
People without diabetes Less than 5.7%
Prediabetes 5.7 - 6.4 %
Diabetic 6.5% or greater
● Normal cumulative sugar level in people with diabetes
In fact, the target level of cumulative glucose in people with diabetes depends on several factors, most notably:
1. Patient goals.
2. The patient’s history of diabetes.
3. The patient’s general health.
4. Access to diabetes medications and controls.

Therefore, the doctor and the patient determine the level of the target range depending on the previous factors, but in general, the American Diabetes Association recommends that the target level for a person with diabetes be 7% or less, as a percentage higher than 7 increases the risk of complications from diabetes.

As for the categories for which the target level is higher than 7%, and it usually ranges between 7-8%, they include the following: (3) (5) (1)
1. The patient’s life expectancy is limited.
2. Difficulty reaching a target below these levels during the previous period.
3. The occurrence of severe decrease in the level of sugar in the blood, or the patient does not feel the occurrence of these attacks.
4. Having advanced complications of diabetes, such as: cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, or nerve problems.

● Normal cumulative glucose level in diabetic pregnant women
Health care providers recommend that pregnant women with type 1 diabetes keep their cumulative glucose level below 6.5% throughout pregnancy (5)
Clarification of cumulative glucose test readings
To make it clear what is the percentage of sugar in milligrams / deciliter that the cumulative glucose levels indicate, let us first explain to you the mechanism of this test.

The sugar in the body is known as glucose, and when this sugar accumulates in the body, it is linked to the hemoglobin in the red blood cells, which is responsible for oxygen delivery, so the test measures the level of glucose in the blood during the previous three months, as red blood cells live for only 3 months.

In general, the cumulative glucose level is higher whenever glucose levels are high in recent weeks.

This table shows the average blood sugar in milligrams / deciliter for all cumulative glucose level readings: (3)
Cumulative Glucose Level (%) Average blood sugar in milliliters
gram/dL (mg/dL)
468Not diabetic
597Less than 5.7 is not diabetic
5.7 or more are prediabetes
6126Less than 6.5 Prediabetes
6.5 or more are prediabetes

Factors affecting the cumulative sugar level

Some factors affect the accuracy of the cumulative glucose test result, and may make the result high or low, including: (5)
1. Heredity.
2. Having some medical conditions.
3. Take certain medications or nutritional supplements.
4. Errors in collecting, transporting or processing the sample.

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