Do you want to take care of your health more, and are looking for ways to do so? You are in the right place. In addition to following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you must reward yourself by undergoing a comprehensive medical examination on a regular basis. This is what the Golden Premium Health Program offers you, which we will explain in the following article:

General health and periodic examinations of the body
In the past, people used to visit doctors only when they felt ill, but the matter has changed nowadays, as people’s culture regarding public health has increased, and this made them frequent health care centers greatly. This means that most people at the present time have begun to follow the principle of prevention is better than a pound of treatment, so you notice that the number of people who undergo periodic examinations is constantly increasing, and this in turn helps reduce the risk of various diseases and control them early. (3)

Why should you do regular body checks? It is very useful for you to conduct periodic and regular examinations, and even if you feel well, as regular examinations help in the following: (1) (3)
1. Check for an existing medical problem.
2. Identifying early warning signs of the disease, this increases the chance of detecting problems early, and increases the chance of obtaining effective treatment.
3. Assess the risk of developing a medical problem in the future.
4. Update some vaccinations.
5. Reducing the risk of disease.
6. Reducing the risk of complications.
7. Reducing healthcare costs over time.
8. Improve public health.

What is Sehaty Premium Gold? It is a program provided by Al Borg Diagnostics, and it includes a variety of examinations, and aims to monitor the health and function of vital organs in the body, and evaluate minor problems that can worsen and develop into larger problems or chronic diseases over time, such as: fatigue, exhaustion, muscle pain, and joint pain . It also contains more specialized examinations for the health of the liver, heart, kidneys, and pancreas, and for the levels of vitamins, minerals, and salts in the body.

What are the examinations offered by the Health Premium Gold Program? This program offers 38 different tests, which are detailed in the following:
1. Blood compounds image.
2. Kidney health.
3. Thyroid health.
4. Liver health.
5. Heart health.
6. Triglyceride check.
7. Good and bad cholesterol.
8. Measure and follow up the level of sugar in the blood.
9. Vitamin D.
10. Calcium.
11. Vitamin B12.
12. Iron and iron stocks.
13. Minerals and salts.

How can I prepare for this examination? This examination does not require complicated conditions, and all you have to do is refrain from consuming food and drinks for 10-12 hours before the examination, meaning that this program requires fasting.

What is the cost of Sehaty Premium Gold program? The cost of this program is estimated at 799 Saudi riyals, but Al Borg Diagnostics constantly offers excellent discounts and offers, so be sure to follow them by subscribing to the newsletter by entering your email in the space provided at the bottom of the page on the laboratories website.

Who is the target age group in the Sehaty Premium Gold Program? We advise all people between the ages of 20-35 to do these examinations annually, although most people in this age group do not care about regular examinations, and do not show any concern for their health because they feel healthy, but in fact it is developing There are some health problems related to eating behavior and lifestyle in this age period, so do not hesitate to take basic health checks, which are collected by the Health Premium Gold program. As for the age group over 35 years, they also enjoy good health, but some people with health problems show a set of symptoms, so we recommend conducting basic examinations annually as well, in addition to a set of accurate examinations. Finally, it must be noted the need to carry out basic periodic examinations for people over 65 years of age, as most health problems develop with age. (4)

How often should this examination be done? Many factors affect the number of times a person should undergo periodic examinations, the most prominent of which are: (2)
1. The age of the person.
2. The general health of the person.
3. Risk factors for a particular problem.
4. Lifestyle choices, such as: smoking, the extent of physical activity, and the nature of the diet.

Finally, do not hesitate to visit any of Al Borg Diagnostics branches to choose a program Sehaty Premium Gold Or any of the other tests and programs that are suitable for you, as the laboratories offer a large number of tests with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.